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Sanskrit Lotus Sutra Manuscript from Cambridge University Library

Publication Projects

The Institute publishes Toyo Gakujutsu Kenkyu (the Journal of Oriental Studies) as a scholarly publication and Toyo Tesugaku Kenshusho Kiyo (IOP Bulletin) to announce results of its research. Launched as a journal of Eastern thought in November 1962, Toyo Gakujutu Kenkyu has broadened into a journal examining a variety of current philosophical issues, from diverse viewpoints.

The first English edition, The Journal of Oriental Studies, was published in July 1987. The Institute also publishes a series of English booklets entitled Buddhism Today, and has published essays by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda on issues such as brain death and environmental problems.

Major works published by the IOP are as follows:

* Hokekyo ichiji sakuin (A Character Index to the Lotus Sutra, with its opening and closing sutras) (November 1977)
* Bukkyo shiso no genryu (The Wellsprings of Buddhist Thought), by Daisaku Ikeda (May 1978)
* Chugoku dento shakai to sono hoshiso (Traditional Chinese Society and Legal Thought), by Makoto Nemoto (June 1978)
* Shoki bukkyo no shiso (Early Buddhist Thought), by Mitsuyoshi Saigusa (July 1978)

* Gendai shakai to shukyo (Modern Society and Religion), by Keiichi Yanagawa (September 1978)
* Yuimakyo/shomangyo ichiji sakuin (Character Indexes to the Vimalakirti and the Shrimala Sutras), Institute of Oriental Philosophy, ed. (September 1979)
* Shiruku rodo to bukkyo bunka (The Silk Road and Buddhist Culture), Kei Okazaki, ed. (October 1979)
* Zoku shiruku rodo to bukkyo bunka (The Silk Road and Buddhist Culture, Vol. II), Takayasu Higuchi, ed. (April 1980)
* Uchinaru sekai--indo to nihon (Humanity at a Crossroads-- An Intercultural Dialogue), by Daisaku Ikeda and Karan Singh (June 1988)
* Buddhism Today, Institute of Oriental Philosophy, ed. (February 1990)
* Bukkyo--chowa to heiwa o motomete (Buddhism--A Quest for Unity and Peace), by Johan Galtung (January 1991)
* Yujinso o kangaeru (On Lay Funeral Services), Institute of Oriental Philosophy (May 1993)/Daisanbunmeisha
* Ikeda daisaku: idainaru mahatoma (Daisaku Ikeda: The Great Mahatma), by N. Radhakrishnan (July 1994)/Otorishoin
* Utsukushiki shishi no tamashii (The Lion's Heart), by Daisaku Ikeda and Professor Axinia D. Djourova (November 1999)

Lotus Sutra Manuscript Series

In an effort to preserve ancient texts and make them more widely available for study, the IOP has, with support from Soka Gakkai, been involved in the publication of a Buddhist manuscript series in Sanskrit, which includes facsimile editions and romanized texts of the Lotus Sutra manuscripts in other languages. In this way, students and researchers have access to the near equivalent of the original texts.

* Sanskrit Lotus Sutra Fragments from the Lushun Museum Collection, Facsimile Edition and Romanized Text (May 1997).
* Sanskrit Lotus Sutra Manuscript from the National Archives of Nepal, No. 4-21, Facsimile Edition (November 1998).
* Fragments of Manuscripts of the Saddharmapundarikasutra from Khadaliq (May 2000).
* Sanskrit Lotus Sutra Manuscript from the National Archives of Nepal (No. 4 -21), Romanized Text 1 (May 2001)
* Sanskrit Lotus Sutra Manuscripts from Cambridge University Library (Add. 1682 and Add. 1683), Facsimile Edition (March 2002).

Sanskrit Lotus Sutra Manuscript from Cambridge University Library
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* Mahayana
* Neuerscheinung

Kotsuki, Haruaki (Hrsg.):
Saddharmapuṇḍarīkasūtram = Sanskrit Lotus Sutra manuscript from Cambridge University library (Add. 1684) : Romanized text / ed. by Haruaki Kotsuki. - Tokyo : Soka Gakkai, 2010. - LX, 281 S. - (Lotus Sutra manuscript series ; 10) [Parallelt. in Devanagari und japan. Schr.]
ISBN 978-4-88417-024-0
Preis: kA
DDC: 294.385

Recently, the Soka Gakkai published Sanskrit Lotus Sutra Manuscript from Cambridge University Library (Add. 1684), Romanized Text. This constitutes the tenth in a series of facsimiles and romanized texts of Lotus Sutra (Skt Saddharma-pundarika-sutra) manuscripts published by the Soka Gakkai. The project is supervised by the Institute of Oriental Philosophy (IOP), Tokyo, in cooperation with various academic institutions and leading experts.
To date, 12 publications comprising the Lotus Sutra Manuscripts Series have been produced. The first, Sanskrit Lotus Sutra Fragments from the Lushun Museum Collection, Facsimile Edition and Romanized Text, was published in 1997. Subsequent publications include Fragments of a Manuscript of the Saddharmapundarikasutra from Khadaliq (2000) and Sanskrit Lotus Sutra Manuscript from the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland (No. 6), Romanized Text (2007). The ninth in the series, Sanskrit Lotus Sutra Manuscript from the British Library (Or. 2204), Facsimile Edition, was published in 2009.
The recently published tenth in the series contains an original Sanskrit Lotus Sutra text found in Nepal dating back to 1064 or 1065 CE. This text was one of the sources used in the compilation of the influential Kern-Nanjio edition of the Lotus Sutra from 1908-12, and it is thus a key source for research into the Lotus Sutra. [Soka Gakkai]

Vgl. den einleitenden Text von R. C. Jamieson: "Introduction", in: The Journal of Oriental Studies, 12 (2002), S. 165-173 [Online verfügbar (PDF-Format)]

Acknowledgements. xi
Introduction. xix
Abbreviations. li
Notes on the use of this volume. lv
I. Nidānaparivartaḥ. 3
II. Upāyakauśalyap°. 17
III. Opamyap°. 31
IV. Adhimuktip°. 49
V. Oṣadhip°. 59
VI. Vyākaraṇap°. 69
VII. Pūrvayogap°. 75
VIII. Pañcabhikṣuśatavyākaraṇap°. 95
IX. Vyākaraṇap°. 103
X. Dharmabhāṇakap°. 109
XI. Stūpasandarśanap°. 115
XII. Usāhap°. 131
XIII. Sukhaviārap°. 135
XIV. Bodhisattvapṛthivīvivarasamudgamap°. 145
XV. Tathāgatayuṣpramāṇap°. 155
XVI. Puṇyaparyāyap°. 163
XVII. Anumodanāpuṇyanirdeśap°. 171
XVIII. Dharmabhāṇakānuśaṃsāp°. 177
XIX. Sadāparibhūtap°. 185
XX. Tathāgatarddhyabhisaṃskārap°. 191
XXI. Dhāraṇīp°. 197
XXII. Bhaiṣajyarājapūrvayogap°. 201
XXIII. Gadgadasvarap°. 211
XXIV. Samantamukhaparivarto nāmavalokiteśvaravikurvanirdeśaḥ. 219
XXV. Śubhavyūharājapūrvayogaparivartaḥ. 225
XXVI. Samantabhadrotsāhap°. 233
XXVII. (Anuparīndanāp°.). 237
Appendix. 241
Bibliography and References. 279

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